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Give Dogs their space

Did you encounter situations when people just disturbed you, and you just said “I Need Space”?

Then you are not alone, as your pet might encounter such a situation as well. There are times when your dog just doesn’t want to walk, sit in a leash. Do not pet your dog if this happens, just let him do whatever he wants and offer him some space.

Why would dogs need space?

The reason is simple, even if dogs are playful and enjoy your presence, they also want to stay alone for a little bit, relax and just do whatever they want without supervision. They want to play with their toys aside from going on a walk with you. It’s the “me”-time that dogs need and you should offer them that if possible.

Some dogs like to stay alone indoors, others enjoy the outdoors as they step away from any restrictions and problems. You must take your time, understand your pet and actively focus on offering him the best possible solutions and features regardless of the situation.

Should you create a room solely for your dog?

Absolutely, this way your dog can easily stay there and do whatever he wants. You don’t want to be with your pet when he sleeps, relaxes or plays with toys. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to create a room for your pet, make it safe and add all the accessories and stuff you know your dog will enjoy the most.

Putting a bed in that room is better than adding a crate. Let’s face it, dogs don’t like crates, and they do want to have a sense of freedom. If you have to use a crate to give dogs their space, you might as well focus on making that create a happy place. Accessorize it adequately, make it comfortable to be in and sleep in if possible. Associate it with something positive, add some treats in there too. This way your pet will know that it’s not punishment, instead it’s a reward.

Is a dog interested in getting more space?

Yes, as you will notice dogs love freedom and the idea of being free and not in a leash is great for them. Granted, keeping your dog in a leash is a good way to stay out of danger for both him and those persons around him. However, if you’re at home or in a remote place, you might as well let your dog enjoy his time. Give him some space, as that really matters for both his morale and health.

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It shows just how much you love your dog, all while making a statement that does do indeed need space and we should provide that to them. It’s a great, inexpensive purchase that you should check out if you are a fan of dogs and agree with keeping them free and happy!